Administrative Plan

Policy Report, Public Health Bureau, Nantou County Government

Six Policy Objectives:
  1. Improve the quality of healthcare services, promote physical and mental health, strengthen the community safety net, and optimize the crisis management of Nantou County.
  2. Ensure food safety and strengthen the drug abuse prevention network to provide the public with a healthy, clean, and safe environment.
  3. Implement health promotion and preventive healthcare.
  4. Promote active ageing and healthy ageing.
  5. Maintain the integrity of the epidemic control system.
  6. Build an all-around long-term care network.

All service performance KPIs, human resources performance KPIs, and budget performance KPIs of the Bureau comply with the performance management KPIs, and the achievement rate of various targets is as follows:
  1. Completed supervision and evaluation of 10 medical institutions within Nantou County, with a 100% achievement rate.
  2. Provided counseling services to 345 persons through 13 local health centers; domestic violence offender perpetrator treatment to 123 persons; and sexual offender treatment to 239 persons, with a 100% achievement rate.
  3. Inspected food manufacturing factories and restaurants and implemented post-market surveillance projects, with a GPH audit completion rate of 138.9%; label audit completion rate of 471.6%, and post-market surveillance spot check completion rate of 148.9%.
  4. Implemented illegal drug and cosmetics enforcement 125 times; found 10 illegal specimens; audited illegal drug and cosmetic advertisements 190 times; and cracked down on 60 illegal cases, with a 100% achievement rate.
  5. Enhanced the controlled substance audit of up to 60 pharmacies in the year, with a 100% achievement rate.
  6. Drug addict follow-up and guidance: Followed up on 907 guidance cases, with a 100% follow-up and guidance achievement rate.
  7. Completed various inspection targets of the required inspection cases of responsible items in joint inspection, with a 100% achievement rate.
  8. Ensured 21 inspection items to pass inspection quality certification; implemented 8 competency tests, with a 100% achievement rate.
  9. Organized 295 community integrated cancer screening sessions, with a 197% achievement rate.
  10. Organized 60 nutrition education workshops for community seniors, including individual health promotion for 50 persons. All targets are accomplished.
  11. Organized 355 community influenza vaccination sessions, with a 100% achievement rate. Completed influenza prevention according to the time-limit as stated in the Communicable Disease Control Act, with a 99.9% achievement rate.
  12. Provided long-term care health administration service to 7,696 persons; hospice health administration service to 3,146 persons. All targets are accomplished.
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