The Nantou County Public Health Center established in 1950 was the precursor of the Bureau. It was reorganized into the Nantou County Public Health Bureau in 1962 by order of the Taiwan Provincial Government. In response to the promulgation and implementation of the Local Government Act in 1999, the Public Health Bureau began reorganization, and the Bureau’s name was renamed to the Public Health Bureau, Nantou County Government. A total of 13 public health centers or public health offices were established in 13 townships, towns, and cities across the county to promote the county’s public health and healthcare services.


 Additionally, in response to demographic changes, social changes, and the demand for interdisciplinary treatment, the Long-term Care Management Center, Drug Abuse Prevention Center, and Community Mental Health Center were established to meet the public needs and enhance case management in communities.


 Occupying a total area of up to 4,106km2, Nantou County has 13 townships, towns, and cities, and a population of over 479,000 persons. The most densely populated cities are Nantou, Caotun, Puli, Zhushan, and Mingjian. The aged population in the county is about 97,000.

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