Public Health Bureau, Nantou County Government Organization


 The Bureau is led by the Director-General, with other officials including the Deputy Director-General and technical specialists. In terms of function, the Bureau includes the Medical Affairs Section, Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Prevention Section, Food Safety Section, Health Promotion Section, Disease Control Section, Laboratory Section, Planning and Long-term Care Section, General Affairs Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office. Other roles include the section chiefs, chiefs, public health instructors, assistant technical specialists, public health inspectors, officers, junior technical specialists, clerks, junior officers, assistants, and associate clerks.



 Public health centers or public health offices are established in 13 townships, towns, and cities across the county. Each public health center is staffed with doctors, registered professional nurses, pharmacists, medical technologists, and clerks. Medical staff also act as the center or officer chief concurrently, and the registered professional nurse also as the head nurse.


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